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“Selectors” uses the framework of science fiction to transcend the “abducted by aliens” formula plotline and reveal both truths within ourselves and those that are “universal”.

In a mild spoof of the genre, writer-turned-fry cook, Carlton Westerfieild is “selected” to be among those transported to the planet “Croatan” and to participate in a ritual of the “Triple Eclipse”, which will change both planets.


About J.P. Dameron

J.P. Dameron is a native of the Southern Piedmont in Virginia. He is married, father of three children, and is a retired federal employee.

Selectors is an expansion of an unpublished short story originally written in 1972 that grew into its present form. It is not auto-biographical. Although characters bear his surname, Dameron was never “selected” by aliens. The characters and groups are fictional.



Bethany, North Carolina lies mostly on the Southwest bank of the Cherith River, as it winds its way from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia through the Piedmont along the North Carolina border, before finally terminating into Pamlico Sound. Bethany is just on the edge of the Appalachians where the river, once again, enters Virginia. The larger city of Bethel was once the hub of the bright leaf tobacco market, and like Bethany, hosted a large textile mill. Then the fickle river turns back into North Carolina and flows into the sound where Roanoke Island, of Lost Colony fame, lies further south.


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